Daily Chronicle: Ideal Industries to install lighting system at Wrigley Field

Ideal Industries to install lighting system at Wrigley Field

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SYCAMORE – Ideal Industries’ wireless energy management system has been selected to provide lighting for new parts of Wrigley Field.

Audacy, Ideal Industries’ wireless lighting system, was introduced to the public in January and has the ability to reduce energy use by 50 percent, said Nick Shkordoff, group vice president and general manager for the electrical division of Ideal Industries.

“It really is taking us into a new space and into a new market,” Shkordoff said.

The system was installed at the University of California, Los Angeles, in a number of buildings, including the school’s football facility. Audacy could be the future of lighting for large-scale facilities like college campuses and athletic stadiums, Shkordoff said. One of the features the company prides itself in most is Audacy’s wireless control via cellphone or tablet.

“We can put it in an office space on its own. We can operate multiple buildings. We could handle all of those and one person could control them all through one iPhone,” he said.

Audacy will be used first in Wrigley Field’s new 30,000-square-foot clubhouse and fitness center for the Chicago Cubs. Elements of the system will be installed throughout the ballpark over the next few years as part of the Wrigley Field restoration and expansion project, according to the news release.

The system was developed during a project to protect Ideal Industries’ existing products from becoming obsolete, CEO Jim James said.

“Any innovation to organic growth is going to be important to us,” James said.

However, the Wrigley Field restoration crew had its doubts about the system, Shkordoff said. In order to prove Ideal Industries worthy of the job, the Audacy engineering team was put to the test.

“We really wanted to be able to meet the requirements for this because we thought it would be a real showcase. They were interested in the technology but they were a little bit skeptical, too,” Shkordoff said. “The credibility of our engineering team is really what made them feel very comfortable.”

The clubhouse where Audacy lighting will be installed is expected to open by the Chicago Cubs’ opening game, April 11.

Although Ideal Industries is already well-known among engineers and electricians, Audacy could direct more attention to Sycamore, James said.

“Anybody in the electrical industry knows where Ideal is,” he said. “Hopefully [Audacy] will do that even more so.”

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