Outdoor Ceiling-Mount Motion Sensor

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The outdoor rated Ceiling-Mount Motion Sensor is a battery-powered, passive infrared motion sensor that can be used to detect occupancy and/or vacancy, and turn on, turn off or dim lights based on preferences input into the Audacy system. The VSC1302 requires no wiring and has a 25-year battery life.

How It Works

The Audacy Ceiling-Mount Motion Sensors detect movement via sensitive infrared technology and then relay commands – based on intervals of absence or activity – to system-enabled fixtures. Operating in the highly reliable 915 MHz spectrum, the Ceiling-Mount versions of the Audacy Motion Sensors require no wiring and can be placed virtually anywhere a motion sensor is desired, for convenience or coverage.

People Move. Light Should Too.

Your inputs to the Audacy Interface inform the system that determines which groups of light fixtures – equipped with Audacy Luminaire Controllers – can turn off/on, dim or brighten based on employee migration throughout the day. The outdoor- rated version of the motion sensor is ideal for garage applications.

VSC1302: Outdoor Ceiling-Mount Motion Sensor

Outdoor Ceiling-Mount Motion Sensor Data Sheet

Ceiling-Mount Motion Sensor Installation Instructions

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